We get this a lot.

Do you do digital?

Yes. Of course. It’s 2020. About 99.99999% of our clients have a digital component to their campaigns. Banner ads, websites, email, you name it. We can do it for you.

Do you do social media?

Yep! We’ve managed social posts for healthcare organizations, financial institutions and more.

What is your rate?

We like to work on a flat fee, so money doesn’t get between us, our clients and good work. Fees are determined by the scope of the project.

What’s your all-time favorite piece of work?

That’s like asking us to name our favorite child. But this kid right here still makes us super proud.

Fauquier Health Birthing from Jody Dana on Vimeo.

Do you take on pro-bono projects?

We’re always ready to champion a good cause. Sometimes karma is payment enough.

What’s a good place to eat in Cleveland?

You want just ONE? We’re partial to The Marble Room. And Lola. And Flip Side. And Barrio. And Mama Santa’s pizza.

You know any good speech writers?

Funny you should ask. We do. We’ve written speeches for CEO’s, company owners, and big shots from around the world. We approach speech writing much like we approach writing a commercial. Keep it simple. Keep it emotional. And keep it relevant.

Can you get us free tickets to the Rock Hall?